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Due to recent process and policy changes that took place earlier in the year, employees must contact Acas before registering a claim with the Employment Tribunal.

Figures that were released by Acas in the recent publication, Early Conciliation Statistics for the First Quarter, and covering April 06 through June 30 of 2014 show that each week during the month of April, approximately one thousand people made voluntary contact with Acas prior to making a claim.

By May and June, when this action became compulsory, the numbers rose to about 1600 people, for a quarterly total of more than 17,145 early conciliation requests. It was noted that only 540 (three percent) of these conciliation requests were initiated by employers while all the rest, a total of 16,606 were employee requests.

During the quarter, approximately 11,000 cases were initiated and then closed within the early conciliation period. Nineteen percent were satisfied with the decision of Acas and did not desire to pursue the matter any further. Just under seventeen percent of employees who made early conciliation requests walked away with successful settlements.

Of the sixteen percent who rejected early conciliation to opt for further review, nine percent were employers and seven percent were employees. Acas will continue to investigate the effectiveness of Early Conciliation policies by asking both employers and employees for valuable feedback.

Continuous improvement will be made to provide a fair and reliable conciliation process. After the policy has been in place for a sufficient amount of time, surveys will be utilized to better assist those who will require the services of Acas.

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