An employment tribunal has awarded £20,000 in compensation to a Muslim hairdresser who was continually discriminated against and made to clean up dog faeces upon the salon owner discovering the particulars of her faith.

Ms Bond, a Colwyn Bay hairdresser, was dismissed in July 2018 following a long-term period of absence caused by mental health issues. The Tribunal found that a discriminatory lynching had begun against Ms Bond by her manager and colleagues the moment she revealed that she was Muslim. Bond’s boss, Joanne Large, immediately drew back and clearly interacted much less with her. At one point, Large accused Bond of making “improper comments” to a 15-year old boy, whose mother felt “utterly disgusted” and addressed an anonymous letter on her concerns to Ms Large. It was later revealed that the letter was not specifically directed at the claimant and may have been related to other employees.

Discriminatory treatment continued by both Ms Large and her daughter Leanna. Notification of Ms Bond’s shift times came at much shorter notice than had usually been the case. Moreover, and for no apparent reason, the claimant was made to take out the rubbish and, on another occasion, was made to clear up dog faeces from the salon’s parking area.

Following a long period of sickness absence caused by depression and anxiety, the claimant was dismissed by Ms Large after employees at the salon had filmed her passing by the salon on foot. Furthermore, she was not paid for her accrued holiday leave whilst absent, for which the Tribunal awarded £1,000 in compensation. A further £375 was awarded to the claimant as she had not been provided a written statement of employment particulars.

A total of £19,352 was thus awarded to Ms Bond with respect to the above and the discriminatory manner in which she was treated at her place of work. Bond’s unfair dismissal claim based on termination due to her disability and her claim on direct race discrimination were dismissed.


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