Unfair Dismissal

If you have been dismissed and require an employment solicitor to discuss your case in more detail and to explain to you the best way forward please call on 01732 617994 or get in touch via the website. 

When your employment comes to an end, especially when you believe that you have been dismissed unfairly this may be devastating and have repercussions on your finances as well as your family life.

There are many reasons and circumstances that can lead to a dismissal. Some are legal and fair whilst others are not. Dismissal can be due to issues linked to performance but it may also be a result of elements that are out of the your control, such as restructuring or downsizing.  When it comes to performance-related dismissals, reasons can include misconduct, insubordination, attendance problems and other issues.

Every case is unique and it is important that there is a clear chronology of events so that proper legal support may be provided. You may have been dismissed after going through a disciplinary process or you may have been dismissed on the spot. You could also have been dismissed as a result of discrimination against you. Whatever the reasons and circumstances under which you were dismissed were, and whatever reasons your employer gave you, you may want to challenge it all and have an employment solicitor look at your case in detail and guide you on the next steps.

Dismissal can be illegal for various reasons, for example if an employee is dismissed in retaliation to complaining. A dismissal can also be illegal if the employer does not follow the organisation’s own termination process.

Even if you may have been faced with a redundancy or perhaps your employer decided to sell the business, your employer is still obligated to handle employment situations legally and ethically. If these situations were not handled fairly and in accordance with employment law you may have a claim.

Advice will be given to you on the best way forward and options will be discussed.  Whilst a good number of claims are settled out of court, making this a good route to take, there are many cases that have gone all the way to Tribunal and yours could be one of them. The final outcome would depend on the specific circumstances and most importantly on what you would like to achieve.

In the event that you are going through a disciplinary process assistance may be provided throughout and if this leads to a termination an option may be a settlement – employment legal advice and negotiation on the settlement agreement may be provided.