Senior Executives

If you are a senior executive and you require immediate specialist legal employment advice you can call on 01732 617994 or you may also get in touch online.

Advice may be required during the employment cycle – from recruitment stage to termination. Senior Executives are normally provided with detailed contracts of employment and require assistance in making sure that the terms and conditions are fair and fully understood. Furthermore guidance as to what should be negotiated is also provided.

Pointing out any pitfalls is also part of the advice which is given and clients can rest assured that they will be given very practical, hands on advice.

During the employment relationship a senior executive may need support and advice on any disciplinary or grievance matter which may arise.  In the event that the senior executive would like to leave the organisation, guidance and advice is given on the best exit strategy and negotiating the departure terms is also part of the service which is provided. Furthermore, in the event of a dismissal, an out of court settlement may be reached and in the event that it is not, a claim may be issued against the employer.