Contract of Employment

If you would like your contract of employment reviewed or you have questions about some clauses in your contract of employment please call on 01732 617994 or send an email.

At the beginning of an employment relationship you may be reluctant to ask for changes in your contract of employment. Sometimes you may feel so unfamiliar with your new employer that even to asking for clarifications might feel daunting. Unfortunately this might lead you signing a contract that you don’t fully understand and with hesitation that could come back to haunt you.

Whenever you enter a new employment agreement it is of utmost importance that you understand how your written or oral contract determines your rights and responsibilities. It is also important to understand the rights and responsibilities of your employer as all of this affects your employment status.

While most employment agreements are in writing, sometimes they can also be verbal. These types of contracts carry the same legal weight but, when there’s a breach or a complaint, it would be much harder to prove when compared to written contracts.

If you prefer to put your mind at rest and discuss your concerns prior to signing or agreement to a new employment contract, we offer you advice on whether your concerns should be brought to the forefront with your new employer. Furthermore guidance will be provided on how to approach such a sensitive matter.

It is always better to have things clear from the beginning rather than leave it to chance.