About Borg Knight Employment Solicitors

Borg Knight Solicitors is a firm focusing on employment law and the firm’s clients base are mainly Kent and London. The firm serves both employers as well as employees, offering both bespoke advice depending on what the employment legal matter is.

In view of the fact that as an employment law firm, we advise both employers and employees, we are in an advantageous position to be able to understand both sides and often able to envisage the next step hence being able to prepare the client fully.

The firm has solicitors with years of experience,  some of whom have practised law on an international basis. Our solicitors focus on the clients’ needs, aiming to give the best service and doing so at a reasonable and agreed price.

We understand that legal matters can be complex and burdensome so we are always willing to discuss such matters with our clients. We believe in giving legal advice as well as down to earth practical advice. We will advise on the best way forward and will also make sure that the costs involved are explained.

Training individuals is also one of the firm’s expertise and we have organised a number of training events as well as addressed conferences  locally and internationally. We also offer in-house training and we tailor our employment law training on our clients’ requirements.